SolOthello‘s humorous and moving Maori reinterpretation of Shakespeare makes me wish we had even more opportunities to see international theatre on Toronto stages.
Mooney on Theatre, Toronto, Angela Sun, October 8th 2016 Read full review

Solothello is the theatre experience marrying Maoritanga with Shakespeare…my theatre experience of the year.
Nelson Mail, Nelson Arts Festival, Daniel Allan, October 21st 2016 Read full review

Taylor transforms the space into a world far away from our own and shows us both the holding power of Shakespeare and the ability of theatre to hold us transfixed in its hands.  
Theatreview, Upsurge Bay of Islands Arts Festival, April 2017 Read full review


Created by Regan Taylor and Craig Geenty
Directed by Craig Geenty and Tainui Tukiwaho

Playing Next: Yirra Yakin, Subiaco Arts Centre, Perth, Australia 20 – 24 November 2018

Māori Performance Mask (Te Mata Kokako o Rēhia) comes to life as Regan Taylor unfolds an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello as a solo performance.  SolOTHELLO weaves together Shakespeare’s original prose, modern English and Te Reo Māori to deliver a dynamic and cheeky interpretation of one of history’s more tragic plays.

Our adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic Othello places the tale within a Te Ao Maori context and pares back the story to focus on three aspects; character, the core story line driven by the characters very human motivations of revenge and deception and on finding the humour in this tragedy.  We place the spotlight on the characters of Iago, Rodrigo, Othello and Desdemona who are explored physically through the Māori performance mask form Te Mata Kōkako o Rēhia.  In this adaptation the war setting is maintained as the backdrop for the story and is transposed onto a battle between two far flung iwi in a timeless Aotearoa.  We bring together four specific “voices” to tell this tale; The original prose which is the language of the maskless outsider Othello, te reo Māori interspersed throughout, a quintessential colloquial Māori male voice particularly through Iago and finally Regan’s own voice of the performer, his comedic improvisation engages audience in the mechanics of the storytelling, bringing the audience on the journey and making Shakespeare’s work accessible and engaging for all.         

Performance History:

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival              Waikato                         14-15 Feb 2015
Centrepoint, The Darkroom                    Papaioea                         11-15 Aug 2015
Dannevirke Fountain Theatre                 Dannevirke                    10 August 2015
TKKM o Tamaki-nui-a-rua                        Papaioea                         9 August 2015
Te Marae o Hine                                         Papaioea                          13 August 2015
Western Heights High School                 Rotorua                             27 October 2015
Tauranga Girls High School                      Tauranga                         28 October 2015
Huria Marae                                                Tauranga                          29 October 2015
Te Pou Theatre                                          Auckland                            30- 31 Oct 2015
Paruaharanui Marae Mourea                 Rotorua                              9 December 2015
Te Kapehu Whetu                                      Whangarei                        17 March 2016
116 Bank Sreet                                            Whangarei                        17 March 2016
Otiria Marae                                                Kawakawa                        18 March 2016
Kia Mau Festival, Circa Theatre               Wellington                        15-18 June 2016
Matariki on The Move Festival Tour      Auckland                            6-14 July 2016
Rutas Festival, Native Earth                     Toronto, Canada               6-8 October 2016
Hawkes Bay Arts Festival                          Napier                                 13 October 2016
Nelson Arts Festival                                   Nelson                                  18-20 October 2016
UPSURGE Festival                                       Bay of Islands                     5 April 2017
Pumphouse Theatre                                   Auckland                             31 May – 2 June 2017
Yirra Yaakin                                                Perth, Australia                   20 – 24 November 2018

“Regan Taylor uses masks to create…uniquely recognisable characters that convey the story exceptionally well, to make this a very entertaining interpretation of a Shakespearean classic” 
Dominion Post, Wellington, Ewen Coleman, June 2016 Read full review

“Regan Taylor’s performance is filled with witty, ironic asides that build an intimate connection with audience, but he also displays impressive theatrical skills… “
New Zealand Herald, Auckland, Paul Simei-Barton, July 2016 Read full review

“In all it’s a risk that only a highly skilled and confident actor would take on and Taylor is both of those.”
 Theatreview, Gail Pittman, February 2015. Read full review

 “Solothello is highly enjoyable and rewarding; a bravura performance from Taylor… grab the opportunity to go and see this production.”
Theatreview, Joy Green, August 2015. Read full review

 “…SolOthello is both a highly enjoyable show, and a very useful one as it re-opened some buried questions I have regarding theatre…”
Theatreview, Gin Mabey, October 2015. Read full review